Monday, March 2, 2009


We are back from the Oncologists... we received the best news... NO secondary cancer!!!  We thank Him for this merciful answer to prayer.

They did find a broken rib that had been healing that "Hercules" thought he heard pop, last month when he was pushing a car. (HaHa, good story ask him later.)

We will meet with a new Radiologist Oncologist in our town, this Friday 1pm.  This was another answer to prayer.  The other RO was toooo far away and 6 weeks of M-F treatments was not reasonable with trying to work his regular work week. 

Tom is still considering surgery instead of radiation therapy.  I am thinking he should make up his mind this week, and then move forward in whichever direction.  I just support and pray.  The REAL choice is his.  So I guess what I am asking for is prayer for direction.
Things to pray for:
1. Tom's discussion with the surgeon this week.
2. Meeting with Dr. Zimmerman the new RO on Friday.
3. Make a decision by Friday 3/7.
4. That Tom's work will continue to be supportive and allow him time for all these upcoming appointments.

We are overwhelmed with God's love, His care and provision.  We giggle at His Sovereignty in every area of our lives.  And we cherish everyone of your prayers.

This week our attention turns to the many men (thousands) who will be serving and attending our church's "Shepherds Conference."  This is the most remarkable week of teaching and refreshment for Pastors, literally all over the world.  We pray for their week while they are here and for their families that they left at home. We pray for our pastors, staff and volunteers that so faithfully and energetically serve.  We will see you next year.    

Enough for now.
All my love,


Sandy Hammack said...

YIPPEE! Talk about answered prayers! I am beyond thrilled that you got good news yesterday. Wish I was closer to give ya'll a giant hug. Love you Dad!

Trina K said...

Yeah!!! We are rejoicing with you!!! How gracious our God is!!

We will continue to pray for the decisions that need to be made.

We love you!

Bryan and Trina

Jesse said...

Great news, i'm continuing to pray for you Tom........Hercules?