Monday, March 9, 2009

More Fun...

Our house use to be so dull, we would laugh at how uneventful our life was... WAS.
Today was another visit to the ER.  After a good antibiotic cleansing, an x-ray and seven stitches I am happy to report Tom still has his finger.  While changing a tire on our son's motorcycle something went ari and snapped and kaching, whamo, he came very close to loosing his finger from the knuckle down.  Yes, he finished changing the tire before he left for the ER.  I must admit the tire does look very cool and Robert will be able to climb even bigger hills than before. (Does anyone foresee more ER visits?)

I really miss that boring dull life.  


the e-wife, Karen said...

How many people did Tom get to witness to this time??? :-)

Has he ever just thought of standing on a street corner with a sign? Much safer.

Suzanne DeShong said...

No way, Sabrina!!! I just sat there reading this post with my hand over my mouth. Dave will love this one. And I always balk at the fact that Dave isn't allowed to wear his wedding ring to work in case it gets caught in one of the machines. Our men live dangerous lives, lady!!!! Tell Tom to hang in there and we're praying for him!

Jensen Family said...

We love you Vida sisters!!! Tom completely enjoyed your comments. Thank you for keeping tabs on us.

Redondo Family said...

Funny how God takes our minds and focuses it elsewhere! He can now tell the story of the "finger"!!!!

Pam Zuziak said...

Hi Sabrina,
I can't believe Tom finished changing
the tire! God is in control, and you are very loved.
Love, Pam