Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 23

Good Morning you beautiful people.

Well, if you haven't already heard... this "Radiation" stuff went full strength last Friday and Tom is feeling it!!!
Yesterday, we went as a family and drove him to his treatment.  We sat in the waiting room and got to know the other patients.  Tom has affectionately nicknamed them, his "fellow-tubers."  What wonderful people, some of them have been thru such physical and emotional pain and for a lack of vocabulary - torture. 

His treatments usually last 15-20 minutes. Yesterday, the newer RT couldn't get it right and it took 45 min.  He had to get locked down into that mask and bolted down to the bed, 3 times instead of 1.  Tom was bathing in God's grace and mercy.  Each time he goes into the tube he picks one person to pray for.... apparently this person needed more prayer then the others. 

We went to lunch and the three of us sat in the sun.  We positioned the umbrella for Tom to sit in the shade.  He is not allowed to have sun.

Knowing the character of God ... I am not taking this out of context
My prayer and meditation for my man today is :

Isaiah 41:13
    For I, the LORD your GOD, will hold your right hand, saying to you, FEAR NOT, I will help you.

 Thank you friends and family for your cards your meals and your phone calls.
We love you!


Suzanne DeShong said...

We are continuing the prayers for you, our dear friends in Christ. You are such a testimony to us, and we love you.

Sandy said...

Hello Family! We're praying for you! I'm glad you updated the blog. Sounds as though things are going well. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you in June! Love you all.