Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oops! It's April 2010

Hello Sweet Family & Friends

Jump & Shout, praises and more praises... In May we will be coming up on a year anniversary of post treatments for Tom. Last week the doctor gave him the okay to go a whole 2 months without a visual scoping of his larynx. Yippee! That was wonderful news. Tom's throat would take a set back and sometimes a week to recover every time a scope would go down his larynx. Good Riddance.

We are enjoying family, work and our friends. This past weekend of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday weighed on our hearts more than ever. Both the ugliness and the beauty of it. The amazing gift of life and forgiveness that was given to us on that cross, the debt that was paid, the promise of our future dwelling... As our children get older we are pleased to see the depth of understanding they hold and the desire to worship and give God all the glory. This is the time for resolutions not January 1.

Sabrina for the family

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