Monday, August 24, 2009

Miracle Monday!!

Family & Friends,

My mom & I do not even know where to begin. I guess I am the lucky one that gets to try and describe our feelings of joy and jubilation. (In some sort of grammatically correct format, of course!) Here goes...

Thursday, my Dad got a call from Dr. A. with the results from the PET scan. The doctor wanted to see him due to the one centimeter hot spot my mom talked about in the previous post. He was IMMEDIATELY scheduled for a biopsy and had an appointment for tomorrow morning. We instantly began praying for a benign (no cancer) biopsy and received countless emails from friends and family that were praying for us. (We needed a Miracle Tuesday, as my mom called it!)

Well.. as you may have noticed, today is MONDAY.
Due to DIVINE orchestration of appointment scheduling, an appointment with Dr. Z., the radiologist was "coincidentally" - I love that word - scheduled today. (The day before our last-minute Miracle Tuesday.) Dr. Z. wanted us to wait another month and retake the scan. He feels that this hot spot is most likely an area of tissue that hasn't healed properly due to a radiation infection. He strongly urged us to cancel the biopsy for tomorrow as it could be detrimental to my dad's long term healing! There's a whole bunch of other medical jargon that you could ask my parents about if you really want to know... Bottom line: We're trying to avoid a laryngectomy until absolutely necessary, if at all.

My dad has been doing progressively better each day, as has our relationship with each other. I say this a lot, but, I like my dad. I like my mom. I like my sister. We love our Savior. It's that love for Christ that has brought our family closer together.

We want you to experience the true LOVE of our great and merciful God. We are so thankful for your prayers and commitment to our family. PLEASE join us now as we rejoice and sing of HIS mercies forever!!!!


Robert for Team Jensen,

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Clogging Pindle said...

I sing HIS praises with you and rejoice in this update. Thank you for keeping us aware of your needs and your praises.