Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 15

Thanks for your prayers, I'm feeling better. That was some weirdo weekend virus.  

 Wish I could say the same for Tom. Mmmm, he is really feeling it.  He is at the halfway point, with only 3 more weeks of treatments to go!!!!  Doctor Z. gave him liquid Vicodin to suppress the gnarly cough he has acquired. Doctor A. scoped him today and said his vocal cords look completely wrecked??? Hmmm. I guess that is what they expect.  No wonder he has NO voice, at all. 

Here is a little shout out to "Auntie Delia"... Remember the plaid and stripped shirts you, Rachel & Jacob got him??  He loves them. They are all he can tolerate on his neck and chest. He wears the white v-neck t-shirts under them.  So handsome!! 
Thank you!!


the e-wife, Karen said...

thinking of you and praying in Washington DC! xoxo I hope Tom feels better.

Clogging Pindle said...

I just can't imagine. I am in awe (sp?)of God's sustaining grace.