Monday, February 23, 2009

Scratchy, raspy voice

 Hello family and friends,

I created this blog to share some information regarding my wonderful husband's health updates.  As many of you know he has been suffering from sore throats and a raspy voice for well over a year. Various diagnosis were offered and treatments were followed, still his voice continued to get more and more hoarse and then a persistent cough developed. 
     After the biopsy that was taken on 2/10/09, we finally got a diagnosis that makes sense... Stage 1, Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Vocal Cords. (Larynx for you medical types.) The Lord allowed the doctor to catch it early and the prognosis looks good.
   There are important decisions we need to make regarding treatment.  All prayers are welcome and coveted. 
    Tom knows his Savior and ultimately has a depth of peace that shines bright. He is an example to me and our children.  (Thanks Tom for living out your love for Christ.) 

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the e-wife, Karen said...

Sabrina, my dear,

Thank you so very much for doing this! It is going on my blogroll pronto. If things get busy and you ever need help updating, please don't hesitate to ask the HARA6.

We love you and may the Lord bless you BEYOND WHAT YOU COULD ASK OR THINK during this trial. To God be the glory!

We are here by your side.

Karen (for all the HARA6)